In the blink of an eye

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's seems that no matter how much mentally I would love to sleep in on the weekends my body always has other plans. I guess waking up at 530 am every day isn't that bad of a thing though. It gives me more time to do things and the temperature is cooler.
What did we do this week? I woke up this morning and realized that it was kind of a weird one in that it disappeared in the blink of an eye. At least for me it did, I'm sure the girls would disagree. 
My contributor's copy of PieceWork arrived yesterday and I got to see all of the goodies inside.
PieceWork Fall 2020
The issue is all about mending and using what we have on hand. My pattern is based on a Victorian sock pattern that allows the knitter to open the sock along the sides of the foot for repairs.
I'm so glad that Long Thread Media picked up PieceWork, SpinOff and Handwoven as they are my favorite magazines that had started with Interweave. Another thing they did that I love is give PieceWork a proper binding instead of the former staple treatment.
The other big news of the week is that I finally got started on a special project. Back in 2001, I was cleaning out my closet but also not wanting to get rid of shirts that held a great deal of sentimental value to me. My T-shirt quilt was born. I knew several years ago that I would do the same thing for each of the girls as they finished high school. I had planned to have Amanda's finished by her May graduation date but now I'm glad that I didn't. She's gotten to help me with it and I also would have raided her closet for shirts that she's not ready to give up yet! Wednesday we pulled out the shirts that she wanted in it and got to cutting out the different elements. Thursday and Friday was spent ironing on the interfacing to stabilize the pieces and I spent most of Saturday adding edges to the t-shirt blocks. One good thing that I did considering she didn't want to give up her marching band show shirts was to save the posters from State weeks for the last four years. We took these into Kinkos, had them scanned to images and printed the size we wanted on T-shirts with Custom Ink. Her shows get included and I don't get yelled at for taking her shirts! Serra's is already started as a pile in my closet and at the end of her Senior year we'll do the same thing. 
As for other things, I'm now in the edge of a new knitting pattern and have a swatch resting for Knitcrate that is due at the end of the month. Not to mention the finishing pile is still giving me the evil eye. So this week will see more sewing, knitting and crochet.
Some things right now still feel like a big rollercoaster. Colorado Bandmasters Association canceled the competitive marching band season but I'm hoping that Fossil's program will follow Loveland's and still do something this fall for Serra. College out in New York is still a go for Amanda as she registers for classes on Monday but that could change at any given moment. Our phrase has been "Just roll with it". As much as I would love to control things right now I can't, the best I can do is hang on tight, smile and work on the things I can.
Hang in there, smile, and hopefully time won't get away from me this week! :)

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