Just Right

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet, slow start here today with the girls enjoying the three day weekend and sleeping in. I'm sure that will change once I start breakfast and the race at Daytona this afternoon.
What was I up to last week? Well I finally got some photos of the pocket squares taken! They are now available here. I still need to get better at styling and taking photos. The finishing pile is getting pretty high and starting to poke at me also. There's mug rugs that need knotted and a couple of new scarves waiting to have their fringe twisted.
My big excitement last week was a table! Now I know you're thinking "Why would she be so happy about a table?" Well I was looking for something very specific. I love Max and don't have a problem sitting on the floor with him to weave however it's very hard to get low enough to see to thread him. So I started thinking about what I wanted. Max needed something that was at least 36" square. Most card tables are only 34" so that wasn't going to work. Other tables I found were long and skinny so not enough width. Well I thought let's go to one of the thrift stores in town and see what I find. Armed with my tape measure I checked out the furniture there and nothing was quite right. On my way out of the store this gem was tucked in a side of the entryway and was just right! 
Max and I are very happy about his new home and he's already working on a new project with 20/2 silk.
Rainbow Max
The table is short enough that I can kneel at it but will also be able to use my weaving bench as well. So many more complex patterns to come!
The table also shows that when I do talk to the Universe good things can happen. I put out what I was looking for and was able to find it. Hopefully if I keep working on the other things that I want they will happen too. 
What's happening this week? More of the same really, a few events for the girls and trying to get some more projects finished. Have a great week :)

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