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Quarantine entertainment and studio progress

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet morning as usual here considering the girls love getting to sleep in. This week has been beautiful from a weather point of view, cool nights, afternoon rainstorms and happy sunshine. Possibly my favorite weather. Hopefully it won't start to get too hot too soon! What trouble did we cause this last week? Along with keeping up with schoolwork and demolishing the kitchen on a regular basis Quantum Leap and Dark Matter have kept us entertained. I've also stuck my nose back in an old set of beloved books by Melanie Rawn that I first read back in high school.  Time in the studio for me has gotten projects started with Max and Rapunzel along...

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Even experienced artists make mistakes

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Things are a little grey here in my corner of the Fort but that's nothing compared to the wacky weather day we had last Monday! A very weird snow storm came through lasting about 30 minutes and plastered the western side of everything. The movement of the storm seen in the sky afterward pretty much sums up the Colorado phrase of "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." I took these photos right after each other standing in the same spot. The left is facing east, the right facing west. Since then it's been quiet but the last few years March and April have been the wettest months. On to craft! Last night...

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Just Right

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet, slow start here today with the girls enjoying the three day weekend and sleeping in. I'm sure that will change once I start breakfast and the race at Daytona this afternoon. What was I up to last week? Well I finally got some photos of the pocket squares taken! They are now available here. I still need to get better at styling and taking photos. The finishing pile is getting pretty high and starting to poke at me also. There's mug rugs that need knotted and a couple of new scarves waiting to have their fringe twisted. My big excitement last week was a table! Now I know you're thinking "Why would she be...

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