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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Finally got a night of good sleep as it has been a week of ups and downs. I'm glad to hopefully be caught up now even though I would love to go back to bed. No football today, no the Pro Bowl doesn't count, so I'll have to find a movie or two to keep me company with the Tapestry.
What did we do this last week? Good question! Found myself out in the wild at both Joann's and Barnes and Noble.
Rose Mandala
I've been publishing various patterns for seven years now and this has yet to get old. I hope that it never does. 
The girls and I attended the Monet exhibit at the Denver Art Museum on Friday and I'm very glad we did. I didn't realize what a wide range of subjects he painted considering I'm only familiar with the Water Lilies portion of his career. Using different thicknesses of paint to create depth along with his ability to paint water are amazing.
I love the sunlight through the trees and that you can tell the ladies are doing needlework.
The movement of the water is amazing.
I took many more pictures that this and would say go see it yourself if it wasn't sold out. I'm hoping to be able to transfer some of the techniques and elements I saw into my own watercolor tapestry work. 
This week is work on the Piecework project, finishing the Monet inspired piece on Rapunzel and celebrating a young lady's birthday. Here's to a calm and productive week :)

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