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Publishing and art

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Finally got a night of good sleep as it has been a week of ups and downs. I'm glad to hopefully be caught up now even though I would love to go back to bed. No football today, no the Pro Bowl doesn't count, so I'll have to find a movie or two to keep me company with the Tapestry. What did we do this last week? Good question! Found myself out in the wild at both Joann's and Barnes and Noble. I've been publishing various patterns for seven years now and this has yet to get old. I hope that it never does.  The girls and I attended the Monet exhibit at the Denver...

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Last Sunday of the Decade

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The last Sunday of the year and the decade. Been trying to remember New Year's 2009 and I imagine that it was spent watching two young girls doing everything in their power to stay awake till midnight. This time around I'm guessing they're going to be laughing at me trying to do the same! What craft news do I have to share with you? I know that everyone is in the holiday hangovers right now but in a way I get to keep Christmas going for a few more weeks. I'm working on an Ornament for the Just Cross Stitch Christmas 2020 issue. You won't get to see that one until October but I do...

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