Show prep and the end of the season

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I don't know about anyone else but this week has flown by. Maybe it's the time change and the additional evening dark that I'm not used to yet. Six in the evening feels like nine and I miss seeing the sunrise.
So what did I do with this week that disappeared when I wasn't looking?
Tatted earrings
Been doing a lot of tatting to get ready for the Holiday Market with Makerfolk on December 21st.
tatted earrings
I figure that if I make at least one pair a day I will have a good selection by then.
Rapunzel and I busted out a new scarf.
I measured the silk for this with a different color plan in mind but then loved how the gradient looked on the warp board and kept it. Flynn is also set up for another run of mug rugs.
The big thing this week was the marching band preparing to go to St George Utah for the Bands of America regional championship. When this event was first on the schedule I admit we were not that thrilled about it, however with State getting canceled I warmed up to it. Thursday was the final Colorado rehearsal and run.
Fossil Ridge
They loaded the buses early Friday morning to get over in time for a Saturday morning prelims performance.
They made it into the finals for Saturday night and finished in 8th place. This was the first time ever that Fossil Ridge had gone to this next level of competition and now I'm glad they did. Today will be a long bus ride back and I can't wait to give my kid a hug and hear about the experience.
What's the take away from this? It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone and to try something new. This was Fossil's first time and even though they weren't at the top they still participated and gave their all to the performance. They even tried to teach some of the Utah bands new things like the Colorado tradition of the glove swap. The biggest thing I've found with courage is that you can't be afraid to fail. Something I'm still working on.
What will I be doing this week? Trying to figure out to keep the senior from getting bored because she just gained 25+ hours per week! Take care and try something new that pushes your envelope :) 

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