Time is on my side

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! For it being a short week it was very full and a little strange on top of that. Having a holiday weekend always makes the next one a little weird with things getting pushed and time being shorter. Having our weather changes certainly affected the sense of reality too!
We've always said in Colorado that "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." As a native, one of the funniest things that would happen in college was all of the out of state kids rushing to the outdoor gear store when we would get the first cold snap of the year. Little did they know it would be shorts weather again the next day. September 8th is the earliest I've experienced snow in Colorado but apparently the record is September 3, 1961. This week I hope the changes helped with containing the Cameron Fire. 
This was so surreal! 1 pm in the afternoon and we needed the lights on inside.
Here comes the snow!
Just enough to make the trees angry. It didn't stick around for long but I hope it helps the crews working.
What else did we do this week? Amanda is finally getting to go out and about on campus and I'm very happy to report that her school has only had one positive case since they started all of the testing on August 17th! Food is also much better at the dining halls that what was being delivered in during the quarantine weeks and Physics class is going great. Serra still wishes things were moving faster for her classes and is enjoying art much more than expected. One good thing she can do with being home is play with clay and keep her hands occupied while she listens to class. Craftwise I finished some spinning and Rapunzel is getting dressed with the tencel I dyed a few weeks ago. We also dealt with a bit of home repairs. Monday morning I noticed a wet spot in the carpet. Kept pulling things out and found that a huge portion of the carpet was wet. Called our maintenance staff and thankfully it was only the dishwasher leaking instead of a pipe underground. We've had fans running on and under the carpet since Wednesday and I should have my living room back with clean carpets tomorrow night. I also spent the week training with KnitCrate! Very full short week!!
As for me, I have to admit that it was pretty stressful navigating this past week. Believing and hoping I made the right decision, worrying about screwing up, not having patience with myself...I just need to slow down, stop feeling so urgent and stay in the moment. Once I get that figured out I know I'll be good. 
This week! Not stressing about time and being present.
Take care of you, hug those you love and I'll see you next week :)

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