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Time is on my side

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! For it being a short week it was very full and a little strange on top of that. Having a holiday weekend always makes the next one a little weird with things getting pushed and time being shorter. Having our weather changes certainly affected the sense of reality too! We've always said in Colorado that "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." As a native, one of the funniest things that would happen in college was all of the out of state kids rushing to the outdoor gear store when we would get the first cold snap of the year. Little did they know it would be shorts weather again the next day....

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A close, my birthday and gratitude

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Already a bit of a busy morning here with laundry spinning and kitchen cleaned up but I'm following the Sooner Rule: The sooner the work is done the sooner we can have fun. Granted fun today for me is having NFL Red Zone on and working on the tapestry so that might not be very exciting to others. What happened in my little corner of the Fort this last week? It was the culmination of Amanda's marching career. Two Silvers and two Golds at State Championships and a first ever appearance at Bands of America with an 8th place finish. We're going to be handling a lot of 'lasts' this year but for the next...

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