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August, you're looking very different this year

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's a quiet and sunny morning in my little corner of the Fort so far today. Nights have been much cooler making sleep wonderful once I get there. The afternoon rainstorms have also been a treat.  What did we do this last week? Well to say the last few months have been different is an understatement. I don't think that anyone could have told you that baseball's Opening Day would be in July but it was the 24th. We had other things happening that day so our standard festivities had to wait. My Red Sox and my best friend's Mets played a four game set this last week and the girls and I chose the...

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Peace and patience

Good Morning! The sun is shining bright in my little corner of the Fort today. I don't think it's quite as warm as it looks but seeing the sun helps in all sorts of ways. So far the girls and I are doing fairly well with the current state of affairs. Schoolwork started again and both of them are keeping up on things. I'm either a very relaxed mom or have taught them enough over the years to take care of their own work. They know better than I do what their teachers expect of them, I'm just here to answer questions and keep them on track. Besides Amanda lost me with her math level about two months into her...

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Eating the elephant

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! This morning I am thankful for sleep. This last week was finally a restful one with sleep coming deep and naturally instead of being a fight as it is most nights. This morning things are looking a little gloomy in my corner of the Fort so far today but ever since seeing Monet's Winter collection I've been looking for different colors in it. Thursday's odd winter spell here made it feel like I was actually driving through one of his paintings and it was beautiful. So what trouble did I cause last week? Amanda finally got the band patches that she was waiting for so a good chunk of evening time was spent completing her...

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