A big pile of finishing, happy craft news and more sports

Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone! Little late today as a teenager stayed out at a friend's house till midnight. Yes, I'm one of those moms that stays awake until she knows her kid's home safe. Didn't hurt that I was enjoying my book and the music I had playing.
What did we do with the week? From a craft standpoint I now have three naked *gasp* looms hanging out in the studio. Lots of weaving was accomplished this week and I now have a great pile of finishing to do. Contrary to perception a piece isn't completely done once the weaving is over. For me it starts with my pattern books and a lot of math. Figuring out how large I want the piece to be along with the pattern that will be used. Then the magic begins
Southwest warp
This is a pile of tencel just measured on the warp board at three and a half yards. It's then threaded on to the loom through the heddles in a particular sequence according to your pattern. The threads are detangled tied to the back beam, wound on and tied to the front beam so that weaving can begin.
one pattern rep
Press the petals or pull the levers depending on the loom, throw the shuttle, release the petals or levers, beat the thread into place and repeat and repeat and repeat. Until the piece is long enough or you get to the end of the warp and you can cut it off. Simplified explanation but that's it in a nutshell.
off loom
This piece is off loom but not finished. Next there's trimming, fringe twisting, washing and tagging, then it's truly finished. I have this scarf for a silent auction for Bounce Animal Rescue coming at the end of the month along with this pile of mug rugs,
mug rugs
and my tarot show pieces to finish. It's all a part of the process. Crazy thing is that love all of it.
Another bit of craft news is that I have a new pattern out! Just CrossStitch Magazine's Holiday Ornament issue is now available and I have one in it.
It's called Daddy's Bubble Lights and I used Treenway Silks Harmony floss for the project and the link will take you to the kit Susan built for it. 
As for other bits of life Football, or should I say Marching season has begun! Fossil won their first game of the year against Collins in overtime on Friday night and the band debuted their show during halftime. A new tradition that the band started last year is inviting the 8th graders from the feeder schools to play at the first game of the season. Total recruitment tactic but it was great for me as it was the only time the girls will ever get to play together. Can't forget the NFL starting this week either and tonight's game is my Steelers vs my best friend's Patriots. Little bummed that it's the first game of the season as teams really don't have their legs under them yet and the added Antonio Brown antics thrown in but it will still be fun to watch.  
It's starting to feel like fall with cooler nights that help me sleep so hopefully extra rest and more project dreaming are on the way. Do something special for just you this week :)

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