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Eve shopping, holiday market and a new item!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The last Sunday before Christmas and the second to last one of not just the year but of the decade. Kind of wild to think about the changes that have occurred in my life over that time span. So what happened this last week? The girls are done with school for the semester, both doing good on their final tests and having great holiday concerts. I think they are ready for some down time, most especially to be spent sleeping in! Amanda got the joy of going Eve grocery shopping with me. The cart was FULL and took two to get it out to the car after bagging it all up. Don't worry this isn't...

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A big pile of finishing, happy craft news and more sports

Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone! Little late today as a teenager stayed out at a friend's house till midnight. Yes, I'm one of those moms that stays awake until she knows her kid's home safe. Didn't hurt that I was enjoying my book and the music I had playing. What did we do with the week? From a craft standpoint I now have three naked *gasp* looms hanging out in the studio. Lots of weaving was accomplished this week and I now have a great pile of finishing to do. Contrary to perception a piece isn't completely done once the weaving is over. For me it starts with my pattern books and a lot of math. Figuring out how...

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