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The return of routine and breathing

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sunshine is giving me the illusion that's it's warm outside but I'm not going out to check! Routine returned this week with the girls heading back to school for the spring semester. I think I got the short end of it being the one to wake them up. Going from sleeping in to 10 am most every morning over break to 6-630 am is a big difference. Thankfully no one snarled too much and things have started good. The college application process has started for Amanda and Serra made first team for Science Olympiad. As for crafty things! The colorwork mitts are finished and currently drying. I will get them into The Loopy Ewe...

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A big pile of finishing, happy craft news and more sports

Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone! Little late today as a teenager stayed out at a friend's house till midnight. Yes, I'm one of those moms that stays awake until she knows her kid's home safe. Didn't hurt that I was enjoying my book and the music I had playing. What did we do with the week? From a craft standpoint I now have three naked *gasp* looms hanging out in the studio. Lots of weaving was accomplished this week and I now have a great pile of finishing to do. Contrary to perception a piece isn't completely done once the weaving is over. For me it starts with my pattern books and a lot of math. Figuring out how...

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Finally some craft bits and rolling with the punches

Good morning and Happy Sunday yet again Internetland! It might be my misperception but this last week flew by really quick. So what did I do with it? Monday saw me finishing up my publish piece! It will be out in the February 2020 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine. This is my second piece for them, the first will be in the Christmas Ornament Issue that will be out this fall. I used Treenway Silks Harmony 6-strand floss for both projects and will post links to both as soon as they are available. Treated myself with some new tatting shuttles this summer. Most times I limit myself to two a year from David Reed Smith but his work is...

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