A close, my birthday and gratitude

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Already a bit of a busy morning here with laundry spinning and kitchen cleaned up but I'm following the Sooner Rule: The sooner the work is done the sooner we can have fun. Granted fun today for me is having NFL Red Zone on and working on the tapestry so that might not be very exciting to others.
What happened in my little corner of the Fort this last week? It was the culmination of Amanda's marching career.
4 years of marching band
Two Silvers and two Golds at State Championships and a first ever appearance at Bands of America with an 8th place finish.
class of 2020
We're going to be handling a lot of 'lasts' this year but for the next phase to start this one has to close. Graduation is only six months away and I have work to do on her gift. Next on the agenda is Serra's Science Olympiad and her goal of making first team.
I had a quiet but wonderful birthday this week with the greatest gift being that of Time. I played with a personal craft that I'm still trying to wrap my head around.
cloth stitchpillow
Bobbin lace takes a lot of patience and even though the movements themselves are simple reading the pricking and understanding it is another story. I don't know that I'll make anything substantial anytime soon but I do love the challenge it brings. 
As for this week with the holiday.......this one is always tough because I have a different opinion than many on gratitude. Will I enjoy the "extra Sunday" because that's exactly how the girls and I will use the time? Yes. Do I agree with the fourth Thursday of November being the main day to express thanks? No. Personally I prefer to express myself throughout the year with the little things, a smile, an unexpected coffee break, a hug. The little things every day are what matter to me. As for some of the big things that I am thankful for? The reclamation of my birthday and those that have done it and continued on with me rather than getting stuck in that moment. Being able to see a picture and laugh instead of cry at exactly how much Amanda looks like her father. Time, I've being blessed with being able to find myself these last three years and even though I sometimes push I know the future will get here in its own time so long as I continue to work for and believe in it now. 
Next week I should have new colors posted for you and I hope that however you spend the holiday this week that it makes you smile ;)

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