A few bumps, meditation and gratitude

Good Morning! Or afternoon I guess I should say. The sun is happily shining in my little corner of the Fort, the door is open for some fresh air and we have decided to visit the Marvel Cinematic Universe today since there are no sports right now.
Why am I so slow this morning? I wasn't really sure what to say or how to say it. This last week was a bumpy one. Some of my own emotions came into play and in-person school was officially canceled this week. It was pretty hard to take considering it is only the beginning of April. Up until that news I was pretty proud of myself for holding things together!  I had hoped that May would still be a possibility for the girls to finish the year out with some degree of normalcy. It's not that I'm worried about their work, they are both doing great with keeping up and taking care of things with the altered conditions. If it weren't for the other important social aspects of school I would say they are enjoying this more. My troubles have been with the once in a lifetime events that can never be recovered. Yesterday was supposed to be Science Olympiad State down in Colorado Springs for Serra and while it didn't phase her at all it did me. I'm going to push for one of the milestones for Amanda and I'm still hoping for graduation ceremonies to be held. 
As for crafty endeavors the towels I wove for Handwoven made it to the editor and I received word that my idea for the Jan/Feb 2021 issue was accepted. The Spring quarantine spinalong with Schacht is going good.
The fiber from Greenwood Fiberworks feels wonderful and I love the long color transitions that I'm getting. Originally I had thoughts of splitting the 4 ounces in two and trying to get the colors to match up like they were in the braid. Once I got to spinning I knew that wouldn't work. Luckily I had just finished spinning 4 ounces of white 50% merino, 50% silk that was in my fiber stash. I plan on plying the two together and probably writing a pattern for it. Spinning doesn't really do anything to advance the business in any way but its meditative process has helped tremendously.
With weaving I really need to tackle my finishing pile and get some photos taken of new items. Flynn is currently working on a scarf and Susan is now dressed with some tencel for another overshot project. Rapunzel will be working on Handwoven soon and Max and I had a fight.
My lovely rainbow silk was having issues. I couldn't get a clean shed (the space in the threads where the shuttle moves) and tension issues were cropping up. Turns out some of my threads wound on funny and the move I wove the worst it got. So I saved what I could and decided to let the rest go. I ended up with a piece measuring 26" long and 13" wide. What it will become I don't know yet.
As for this next week I see more of the same happening. The Trust knitting is finished so now it can be photographed and written along with some of the other pieces I've completed. Probably more movie nights as the girls have giggled their way through Scream and Tremors. All things considered right now we are lucky because we can stay at home, still take care of work, and haven't gotten on each other nerves, biggest thing I miss right now is the occasional three hour lunch. Take care and breathe in the sunshine this week :)

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