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A few bumps, meditation and gratitude

Good Morning! Or afternoon I guess I should say. The sun is happily shining in my little corner of the Fort, the door is open for some fresh air and we have decided to visit the Marvel Cinematic Universe today since there are no sports right now. Why am I so slow this morning? I wasn't really sure what to say or how to say it. This last week was a bumpy one. Some of my own emotions came into play and in-person school was officially canceled this week. It was pretty hard to take considering it is only the beginning of April. Up until that news I was pretty proud of myself for holding things together!  I had hoped...

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The eerie silence and finishing projects

Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone! We have survived the first week of school and routine is coming back. Granted we're still not very excited about the later start times for high school but I guess we have to roll with it.  What did I do last week with the neighborhood eerily silent with all the kids back in school? New yarn colors are done! They are posted in the shop under each of their bases, Hope, Faith, Promise and Trust. Also the knots came up on the looms! I tend to get excited when I see the knots because it means the project is almost done. Most times it also makes me weave faster! The black silk did get...

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