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Nothing like spring in Colorado

Good Morning and Happy Sunday, Easter, Ostara and/or Spring! Whichever you happen to be celebrating if any of them today. Colorado is wearing her typical Spring finery for this time of year, new tree buds with a hint of snow. Yes it's April and it's snowing in my little corner of the Fort. I don't think we are supposed to get that much but I've already started a pot of soup for dinner tonight.  How are we in our Quarantineland? This week was better than last. Amanda and I took advantage of some sales happening to get her ready for this fall and Serra scored with getting a big box to play in. We truly believe she was a cat...

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A few bumps, meditation and gratitude

Good Morning! Or afternoon I guess I should say. The sun is happily shining in my little corner of the Fort, the door is open for some fresh air and we have decided to visit the Marvel Cinematic Universe today since there are no sports right now. Why am I so slow this morning? I wasn't really sure what to say or how to say it. This last week was a bumpy one. Some of my own emotions came into play and in-person school was officially canceled this week. It was pretty hard to take considering it is only the beginning of April. Up until that news I was pretty proud of myself for holding things together!  I had hoped...

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Peace and patience

Good Morning! The sun is shining bright in my little corner of the Fort today. I don't think it's quite as warm as it looks but seeing the sun helps in all sorts of ways. So far the girls and I are doing fairly well with the current state of affairs. Schoolwork started again and both of them are keeping up on things. I'm either a very relaxed mom or have taught them enough over the years to take care of their own work. They know better than I do what their teachers expect of them, I'm just here to answer questions and keep them on track. Besides Amanda lost me with her math level about two months into her...

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