Band, band and more band....along with step two

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! It's quiet in my little corner of the Fort as everyone is sleeping off this past week. Not much craft beyond Daddy's afghan and my project but we have been busy regardless.
So how did we spend the week? With lots and lots of band. This past week was Regionals. Every band in the state that wants to attend the State competition has to participate in a regional event to qualify. In the 5A division the top 20 bands at regionals qualify for the State competition. Monday was the Northern Regional that Fossil goes to. They scored an 89.65 which not only won the event but has placed them highest in the state. What does this mean? They go last during the Semifinal round at State. Thursday was a home football game vs Fairview. The football team had their hands full as they lost 40-8 but the band had another opportunity to run the show. Yesterday was the Arapahoe Invitational Marching Festival and Fossil was there taking first in the 5A prelims and then first overall in the open class finals with a score of 90.8! Highest score in school history! Considering it was an 18 hour day it's totally understandable that the kid is still in bed :)
Now if you are still with me and past the tired proud mom moment it's time for the next installment of Watercolor tapestry.
After getting the loom set up comes weaving:
On each piece I wove a portion undyed to act as a header.
Because I didn't want dye to wick down into the header I found a water based resist that would wash out of the fabric after taking it off the loom. This is painted on and allowed to dry.
Next is painting! I use procion mx dyes to paint my colors onto the warp threads. This is then allowed to dry and then woven and the loom advanced. Only about seven inches can be painted at a time. Next time will be stitching and finishing.
I got some great input on these pieces and this new technique last week and how doing some planning and approaching the process with more intent might give them more. Where your intent and focus goes is where your life goes. Right now I'm trying to soak up the moments that are once in a lifetime and be patient will myself to create the future. What's on tap for this next week? You guessed it! More band! A concert, a field trip and Fossil's Homecoming performance. Have some great moments and a great week ;)

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