Eve shopping, holiday market and a new item!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The last Sunday before Christmas and the second to last one of not just the year but of the decade. Kind of wild to think about the changes that have occurred in my life over that time span.
So what happened this last week? The girls are done with school for the semester, both doing good on their final tests and having great holiday concerts. I think they are ready for some down time, most especially to be spent sleeping in! Amanda got the joy of going Eve grocery shopping with me.
Eve shopping
The cart was FULL and took two to get it out to the car after bagging it all up. Don't worry this isn't all for Eve but general groceries as well. I'll be making some cookies today and then the big prep will start tomorrow.
Saturday was the Makerfolk market and Bean Cycle Roasters that I've been talking about and preparing for the last few weeks. 
The biggest hit for me was the tatted earrings. Not as many sales as I wanted but people did admire my pieces. It's possible that sales were low due to how close we are to Christmas, having the market earlier in the month might be better next time. I'm looking at the good things that happened and simply have to find my people. I had a great time hanging out with Sarah and her friend Elsa of Kind Hearted Beasts and Denise and her husband of DK Originals. It was also great to see long time friend Melina Be . One of the greatest things about craft is how two people can use the same technique and skill set yet each create an entirely different effect and feel.
Told you last week that I would finally share what Rapunzel has been working on this month! All of those different patterns and colors finally became something.
Pocket squares
Pocket Squares!! In hunting around on the interwebs and trying to find something creative that would be appropriate for a man I landed on pocket squares. These are each 100% silk, hand woven and hemmed and approximately 13 inches square. After the holiday I'm going to find my dressform Bertha a nice jacket to wear to take proper photos of them to get up in the shop. 
One of the sweetest things that happened yesterday at the Market was a little girl probably about 2 years old loving on a mouse from Kind Hearted Beasts and a complete stranger adding it to her purchases to gift to her. May we all slow down and do the little things in this busy time to share love :)

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