Finally some craft bits and rolling with the punches

Good morning and Happy Sunday yet again Internetland! It might be my misperception but this last week flew by really quick. So what did I do with it?
Monday saw me finishing up my publish piece! It will be out in the February 2020 issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine. This is my second piece for them, the first will be in the Christmas Ornament Issue that will be out this fall. I used Treenway Silks Harmony 6-strand floss for both projects and will post links to both as soon as they are available.
Treated myself with some new tatting shuttles this summer. Most times I limit myself to two a year from David Reed Smith but his work is so beautiful that I couldn't help myself. 
Have to admit that I didn't realize it brought my total to 14! I found his site 3-4 years ago after being gifted with a tatting book for Christmas. Currently I'm winding things up with white thread and working on snowflakes.
I also spent some time playing with my bobbin lace this week.
I know another craft! I love the delicacy. One of these days I will get my head wrapped around it and be happy with my cloth stitch. 
The big thing the girls and I look forward to every summer is Drums Along the Rockies. I first took them to it in 2016 so that Amanda would know exactly what she was getting into by joining marching band.
Things started out well enough but before they could get the show started the rain and lightening came. We ended up spending 2 hours in the concourse at Mile HIgh waiting. Finally it was decided that the corps would do a stand and play show at 9 pm. Our biggest thrill is watching the forms and the movement and some of the corps had already left so we called it too. Disappointing but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches or weather in Colorado in this case. I’ve been learning lately that rolling with things that are not in your control is much easier than losing your cool about it. 
What's on tap for this next week? It's the girls' last week of freedom for the summer and before vacation they asked if we could give their room a makeover. Considering almost every other room has been through one in the last three years I agreed that it was time. Moving furniture, washing walls and painting will fill up some of our time along with car repairs, finding an inspiration photo for August's colorways, test dyeing some cotton and setting up a timeline to get some work done on some knitting patterns. Hope you can enjoy some of the last of summer as well and I'll be back next week :)

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