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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Also Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate. Looks like spring has finally arrived in my little corner of the Fort. Have to admit that I've been enjoying the clear days and the cool nights. Schoolwork is winding down for the girls. With the current state of things this is going to be the last true week for Serra and Amanda has this week and AP Exams next week. Thankfully one Fossil Ridge tradition, all be it in a modified format will get to happen.
What did we do this past week? It was full of writing. Serra's English class wrote stories to share with each other this week and we had lots of discussion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Amanda chose a unique topic for her final English paper that allowed her to use it.
As for crafts there was a little bit of everything. The snowflake pocket silks are off of Rapunzel ready to be washed and hemmed. Look for them in time for Father's Day. Now she is getting ready for her Handwoven project. I finally got the draft figured out and was able to measure the warp.
While I don't recommend taking your loom apart to add more heddles to a different shaft during threading it doesn't mean that it can't be done.
All threaded and she'll get tied up and woven next week. I can't really show you more but I can tell you that the fiber is 8/2 Tencel. One of the best things about Tencel is how slippery it is. Very rarely have I had it tangle on me which is why I use it on my artist inspired scarves. With placing the colors in random order at the loom it can create a mess. The thought of doing this with silk makes me shudder as it constantly grabs onto itself.
I pulled out one of my spindles again and finished up an ounce of fiber from Greenwood Fiberworks.
This is a Yak/Silk blend that I picked up at one of the Interweave Yarn Fests.
Bobbin lace is also coming along. This was about three hours on Saturday.
I think I'm starting to get the hang of Torchon a bit. I love how my half stitch is but I'm still having trouble with the tension in the whole stitch. 
As for me this week was alright, working mentally on trying not to eat the elephant all at once. I'm halfway through one tech editing course and have found another that I may also take just to back things up and see how different the perspectives are with it. I've learned over the years that it is not an exact science at all and there are varied degrees of thought on the subject. 
This week will see lots of time with Rapunzel as I would like to ship the project next Monday. More movies and cookies with the girls I'm sure, Jumanji 2 and Copycat were this last week's selections. Their biggest bugaboo right now is wanting haircuts something fierce! Think I'm just gonna let mine keep growing. Enjoy the sunshine, take a deep breath and have a good week :)

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    Happy Mother’s Day.

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