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A little bit of everything

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I think I can truly say that last night was the worst night's sleep ever had over the last few months. But the sun's up so I'm up and still here. Guess the good thing is I get to try again tonight. What was our crafty household up to last week? The studio is open again! I had things partially packed up as the room is also where Daddy sleeps when he comes over and I was anticipating a visit. Susan finished up another piece and got dressed with some gold tencel for some more. I'm going to release the Autumn collection that she has been working on at the Equinox, September 22 so come...

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Focused randomness

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Also Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate. Looks like spring has finally arrived in my little corner of the Fort. Have to admit that I've been enjoying the clear days and the cool nights. Schoolwork is winding down for the girls. With the current state of things this is going to be the last true week for Serra and Amanda has this week and AP Exams next week. Thankfully one Fossil Ridge tradition, all be it in a modified format will get to happen. What did we do this past week? It was full of writing. Serra's English class wrote stories to share with each other this week and we had lots of discussion...

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So long January!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's Groundhog's Day, Imbolc, Super Bowl Sunday and Palindrome Day all rolled into one, a lot for one Sunday to handle. Things here this past week have been a bit of a roller coaster. Celebrating Serra's birthday was great along with the news that she and her teammates took first in all three of their events for Science Olympiad at the competition last weekend were some of the highs. The lows? Both girls have been pretty sick this week with a cough currently torturing Amanda. Hopefully another couple days of rest with get her back on her feet. I know it's not severe because she's more upset about being sick than feeling sick, yes she...

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