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Lots of finishes

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's another quiet one here in my little corner of the Fort but I think that is to be expected right now with my neighborhood continuing to stay home. I will say that things feel different however. The energy about feels like life is going to start picking back up again. Don't quite know how I feel about it because I don't want things to get moving too quickly and jeopardize August. What did the girls and I do this last week? If things had gone as planned Serra and Preston would have represented Colorado in the National Science Olympiad Tournament this weekend. Instead schoolwork officially ended for the girls on Friday and this next...

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Focused randomness

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Also Happy Mother's Day to those that celebrate. Looks like spring has finally arrived in my little corner of the Fort. Have to admit that I've been enjoying the clear days and the cool nights. Schoolwork is winding down for the girls. With the current state of things this is going to be the last true week for Serra and Amanda has this week and AP Exams next week. Thankfully one Fossil Ridge tradition, all be it in a modified format will get to happen. What did we do this past week? It was full of writing. Serra's English class wrote stories to share with each other this week and we had lots of discussion...

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The dog days of craft

Good morning and happy Sunday Internetland! It's quiet and a bit grey here in my corner of the Fort but I rather like it after the heat this month. Tuesday is the day! Routine returns even though it's roughly an hour later each day than last year. I think the girls are ready to be back into doing things again. There's only so much mom time and laziness that they can handle ;) So what did I do this last week? Actually it was rather productive. More mug rugs in different colors on Flynn and Rapunzel has been working away. I love the feel of silk both on and off the loom. These are test pieces for what I hope...

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