Lots of finishes

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's another quiet one here in my little corner of the Fort but I think that is to be expected right now with my neighborhood continuing to stay home. I will say that things feel different however. The energy about feels like life is going to start picking back up again. Don't quite know how I feel about it because I don't want things to get moving too quickly and jeopardize August.
What did the girls and I do this last week? If things had gone as planned Serra and Preston would have represented Colorado in the National Science Olympiad Tournament this weekend. Instead schoolwork officially ended for the girls on Friday and this next week will see them turning in their books and laptops, clearing out lockers and picking up yearbooks and other pieces from the end of the year. Once Amanda finishes her AP tests this next week she will be completely done and it will be a waiting game for August. One thing our band Seniors didn't miss out on this week is the Senior slideshow, a Fossil band tradition that was started by the original director. Even though it was virtual and hard for Amanda to not truly share it with the ones she's spent the last four years with I'm glad that it still took place. Our district is planning a graduates only ceremony this summer. The best thing about this? Instead of it being held at the local college's arena that none of the kids have a connection to it will be at HER football field, on HER turf where she spent countless hours learning, sacrificing and making her best memories of the last four years.
What else happened this week? It was a bit of a time vortex, you look up at the clock thinking 20 minutes had passed and instead it was two hours. It used to happen to me occasionally but since we've been home it's been more frequent. I did get some work done on both Handwoven and Knitcrate, bad thing is I can't show you any of it. I plan to have both items finished and shipped off to their respective publishers this week. I also finished a shawl of my own that I will write up and post next time.
Another project that I finished up was some spinning. Before the party at home fest began I picked up some Malabrigo nube fiber from Your Daily Fiber. One four ounce bundle of it turned into this chain plyed skein:
chain plyed
It still needs a bath and I don't know what the yardage is but it's telling me that it wants to be a neckerchief pattern, it reminds me of blue jeans.
Another rabbit hole that I fell down this week was on Facebook groups. Some of the craft groups that I follow are VERY snarky and think their advice on a question is the best so I don't even bother putting forth what I know in them. Support Spindles Anonymous however is a positive collection of enablers that love fiber and shiny things. They influenced me to purchase this:
Tahkli spindle
An absolutely beautiful Dragon and Phoenix Tahkli Spindle and matching (of course!) bowl from John Galen Designs. Tahklis are traditionally used for spinning cotton as the length of the fibers are rather short but truly anything can be spun on them. Once I get a little better at controlling the speed demon I might just tackle my beloved stash of Paco-Vicuna fibers.
Lots of finishing this coming week for both the girls and I. I look forward to more time spent connecting in the ways we have open to us and as more restrictions get lifted for our area I hope that love and support get spread instead of other things. Stay safe, do something for you and enjoy the sunshine :)

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