Lots of white stuff, a finish and pacing

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Does the calendar really say December already?! Guess it's time to get on the ball on some things.
So what happened in my little corner of the Fort this last week? In one word: Snow.
snow 2
Even the evergreens across the street didn't like how heavy the white stuff was. Official reports said that we got 15" but I think there was closer to 20" here. Thankfully we did not have plans to go anywhere and were stocked up on chili supplies and snacks. What do you do when the weather does this? Simple: movies and knitting.
pashmina project
We watched The Hobbit trilogy and I finished my Pashmina project. What started out as a way to use my scraps up took six more skeins to complete. It's huge and I love it. Now that it's finished it's time for more tatting of earrings for the Makerfolk market coming up and a sample to take care of for The Loopy Ewe. I finally have a proper inspiration for yarn colors and will get those done and tell you about them soon. If you are local, there will be two new colors at Your Daily Fiber this week.
I'm still working to get the silk on Rapunzel. I've learned this time around that my standard method of threading the heddles first simply isn't going to be efficient with 60/2 silk. I've done a lot of detangling and unsticking threads and still have a yard to wind on. One thing I had to keep reminding myself of as I was working on it yesterday is to slow down and not feel behind. The only person I'm in competition with is myself. A lesson that I'm still trying to learn in some aspects of my life. If someone is laughing and talking at the gym it doesn't mean that they are slacking simply that I have different goals than they do. If it takes me a little more time to warp my loom than other weavers because I'm working at 60 threads per inch rather than 10 threads per inch that's okay too. 
Busy week coming up! Freshman meeting, yes already, and of course more band. If you are in the area and would like to hear some we'll be at the Tree Lighting ceremony in Timnath on Friday evening. I hope you have a great week and that the last month of the year is joyful :)

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