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The return of routine and breathing

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sunshine is giving me the illusion that's it's warm outside but I'm not going out to check! Routine returned this week with the girls heading back to school for the spring semester. I think I got the short end of it being the one to wake them up. Going from sleeping in to 10 am most every morning over break to 6-630 am is a big difference. Thankfully no one snarled too much and things have started good. The college application process has started for Amanda and Serra made first team for Science Olympiad. As for crafty things! The colorwork mitts are finished and currently drying. I will get them into The Loopy Ewe...

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Lots of white stuff, a finish and pacing

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Does the calendar really say December already?! Guess it's time to get on the ball on some things. So what happened in my little corner of the Fort this last week? In one word: Snow. Even the evergreens across the street didn't like how heavy the white stuff was. Official reports said that we got 15" but I think there was closer to 20" here. Thankfully we did not have plans to go anywhere and were stocked up on chili supplies and snacks. What do you do when the weather does this? Simple: movies and knitting. We watched The Hobbit trilogy and I finished my Pashmina project. What started out as a way to use...

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A bit of this and that

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! I wanted to get up and actually use the time change well but instead of course slept in. Here's hoping the week is more productive than just extra rest. How did the week go? Instead of going to Colorado Springs we stayed in during the snowstorm that actually did come, I was rather doubtful after the sunny afternoon we had on Monday. Word came down from the Colorado Bandmasters Association on Saturday that regional competition scores would hold for State making Fossil Ridge back to back champions. Amanda's goal was to win regionals just in case something like this happened but it still feels a little weird. Now I'm actually glad for the Bands...

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