The dog days of craft

Good morning and happy Sunday Internetland! It's quiet and a bit grey here in my corner of the Fort but I rather like it after the heat this month. Tuesday is the day! Routine returns even though it's roughly an hour later each day than last year. I think the girls are ready to be back into doing things again. There's only so much mom time and laziness that they can handle ;)
So what did I do this last week? Actually it was rather productive. More mug rugs in different colors on Flynn and Rapunzel has been working away.
I love the feel of silk both on and off the loom. These are test pieces for what I hope will be a new product to have available this fall. The purple has a tabby included in it which I really like and may continue with on the next color. I messed up measuring warp, thought I had more black silk than I really did and had to change the plan up a bit but I think I can get two more pieces before the knots come up.
Susan and I are doing great getting ready for the October show.
This is the space in between pieces. Currently four are woven and I believe I have enough warp on the loom for at least two more. It's interesting that the one I was most worried about ended up being my favorite so far.
For those of you curious about the next yarn colors, Palisade Peaches is currently drying on all four bases and Colorado National Monument will get dyed this week. I should have them photographed and listed for you next Sunday. 
What's on tap for this week? It's a bit like the dog days of summer have taken over craft instead, nose to the grindstone getting things woven and off the looms, a couple of different sub calls to put together and a bit of self care. Annual doctor's visit are always a treat. As for me, sleep was rough this week and life got bumpy in the middle with an overload of anxiety and worry about not being good enough. It happens and I get through it. My only wish is that I didn't start the snowball effect in the first place. Thankfully my resolve is back and I am going to make this all work. This is what I want and know how to do and even though some days my steps feel very very small I just have to remind myself that I'm getting to where I want to be. 
Teacher friends I hope that you have a great first day back and that everyone shares some Joy this week :)

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