The eerie silence and finishing projects

Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone! We have survived the first week of school and routine is coming back. Granted we're still not very excited about the later start times for high school but I guess we have to roll with it. 
What did I do last week with the neighborhood eerily silent with all the kids back in school?
New yarn colors are done! They are posted in the shop under each of their bases, Hope, Faith, Promise and Trust.
Also the knots came up on the looms!
I tend to get excited when I see the knots because it means the project is almost done. Most times it also makes me weave faster! The black silk did get cut off yesterday and now I have two pieces that need hemming and blocking. As I was working on it I realized that I didn't explain what a tabby is last time. After every pattern pick or throw of the shuttle you add a plain weave pick that gives the finished piece more stablity. Most times it is the same color as the warp so that it goes unnoticed but I don't always follow that rule. Two of the pieces on the black silk I didn't do this with and I don't like how they turned out. They will get unwoven so the silk can be used in other beautiful things.  Hopefully I will be able to share the two finished pieces in a couple of weeks. The white tencel is in its last piece and with the technique I'm using needs a couple more days to finish. After it comes of the loom there are several more steps for those six pieces before they are ready. In October after they are at the Wolverine Show I will detail the process.
So what to do this next week? Time to dig out my crochet hooks as the yarn for Yarn Crush patterns has finally arrived. I have patterns due for their November box so go sign up! Also a couple of sub calls are due this week. Finishing the weaving on Susan and lots of hemming. As for season isn't over yet and the Red Sox will be in town! They are not having the magical season they did last year but considering they only come to Colorado every three years you better believe that we are going! I've had tickets since February. I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things and I'll be back with more next week! :)

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