The pebble to start the avalanche

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Soaking in a bit of the quiet this morning and breathing. 
I would love to say that I accomplished a ton of craft pieces this past week but I can't. As anticipated the news of Amanda's college move in information was the pebble that started the avalanche of activity. Travel plans have been made, items packed and lists made of more needed items once we arrive. It's wild to think that this is going to be her last week at home for a while but this is also exactly what she is supposed to do. One chapter ends and another begins.
I did get some craft done this week. Time was spent with Susan and another piece is finished for the Autumn collection. The warp that I measured for Max has been dyed and I learned some things from it. I need shallower trays and to adjust my shade proportions to get it to do what I want. This warp will probably now go to Rapunzel as I want the idea for Max to be just right. A pattern was also re-edited so that took a day at the computer as I have no idea what I was thinking when I sent it in.
It might have been a light craft week but it was full of something else that was needed: connection. I got to see and talk with friends, made strangers smile and laugh and giggled and calmed fears with the girls. As much as my lovely introverted friend would deny it, humans are social creatures and there are simple things about being together that I miss right now with being apart.
What does this week hold? More prep and appointments, annual checkups along with checking on Serra's knee that freaked out yesterday and dealing with my back as I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle. How I did it with not going to the gym I have no idea but it's bad. If any of you have influence with the weather gods please send some rain to Colorado to help with the fires. Take care, smile and savor every moment :)

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