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Even experienced artists make mistakes

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Things are a little grey here in my corner of the Fort but that's nothing compared to the wacky weather day we had last Monday! A very weird snow storm came through lasting about 30 minutes and plastered the western side of everything. The movement of the storm seen in the sky afterward pretty much sums up the Colorado phrase of "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." I took these photos right after each other standing in the same spot. The left is facing east, the right facing west. Since then it's been quiet but the last few years March and April have been the wettest months. On to craft! Last night...

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Mother Nature and step three

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Not NEARLY as snowy of a morning as I was expecting to wake up to and I have to admit I'm disappointed right now. Forecasters were going nuts over this storm last week and there's barely a dusting on my car. Two jobs you'll always get paid for no matter how often you're wrong: weather forecasting and politics. On to the week that was, the week that should have been and the week that will be. This past week was a complete roller coaster of emotion. There was a really good day where my emotions were soaring high, a day that I need to remember when things don't look that great. Then there was...

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