The return of routine and breathing

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sunshine is giving me the illusion that's it's warm outside but I'm not going out to check!
Routine returned this week with the girls heading back to school for the spring semester. I think I got the short end of it being the one to wake them up. Going from sleeping in to 10 am most every morning over break to 6-630 am is a big difference. Thankfully no one snarled too much and things have started good. The college application process has started for Amanda and Serra made first team for Science Olympiad.
As for crafty things! The colorwork mitts are finished and currently drying. I will get them into The Loopy Ewe this week. The class is scheduled for April so there's plenty of time to check them out online or visit them in the store to sign up.
The ornament for Just Cross Stitch Magazine is almost finished. I'm featuring one of Treenway Silks special colorways from the 65 Roses Collection. A portion of sales on these colors is donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Tackling the Piecework project is next along with finishing one of my own designs that is going to be the start of a large collection of shawls.
As for me, this last week was a rough one with a lot of self loathing and unworthiness happening in my head so I took some time out and spent it with my wheel.
merino silk blend
Finished plying this merino/silk that I spun on a Turkish spindle and
put this bamboo that I'd been working on previously back on. I'm very much a self taught spinner having only taken one spindle class from Galina but I love lace and have always spun tiny yarn.
Next week will bring some finishes and some beginnings on projects and opportunities along with paperwork and photography. Till next week :)  

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