Change, orphans and balance

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The day is bright and shining here in my little corner of the Fort. A combination of sunshine and fantastic thunderstorms have brought out the green in the trees and the grass. One thing I've done over the last few months with the change in schedule is continue to get up early and I love the quiet and how fresh the day feels.
What did we do this last week? Last week I talked about clearing out items of past lives and I have been doing just that. A full car load of donations along with several listings on Ebay have gotten my cleanup started. I knew that 2020 would be a year of change for us with Amanda going to college in the fall but I didn't expect the need to take some of my own things into hand like this; I'm glad that I have. House is a wreck right now and there's still more to go but it feels good. I wrote some rules for myself many years ago and one of them was that "Change is good and a necessary part of life." Without change there is only stagnation. A lot of things in the world right now are looking for or undergoing change and I see it as a good thing.
As for craft things I actually got more done this week than I thought. Max got some attention as Avengers Endgame kept me company while working on this piece:
I think the piece on Flynn is going by the wayside. I'm not happy with it and when a piece doesn't feel right there's no reason to continue on it. I do however have a new idea for him. In going through my craft supplies I found an issue of Handwoven from 2007 that goes perfectly with all of the tiny silk I have floating around here. You'll have to stay tuned.
Along with weaving I've been going through pieces that I've knitted but not written up my notes on yet and listed another pattern. Godswood is a neckerchief pattern inspired by George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. 
The piece is knit from short edge to short edge with increases and decreases for the shaping and takes only one skein. One of my favorite things to do at yarn stores is to gather the orphans. "Okay what are orphans at a yarn store?" you say. Orphans are the last lonely skein left of a hand dyed colorway. There's no one that he matches or blends with to go into a larger project and generally gets ignored until he hits the sale wall and someone scoops him up but still has no plans on what he can become. Writing unique one skein patterns for these little guys is fun and many times the color can inspire the pattern as this one did.
Goals for the coming week? Continue cleaning! My closet still needs the clothes handled even though the keepsakes have been dealt with and Serra is going to go through her clothes as well. From a craft side the latest run of pocket squares is ready to hem, there's still a few more patterns to write up and the shaping for my next Kushiel's piece is finally coming together. As for me I'm still learning how to get my brain and body to work together. I constantly push myself and yesterday there was nothing I could do with my mind to get my body to follow and be productive. Serra finally convinced me that it was okay to have some down time and I did just that; and of course I feel better for it today. Nothing quite like having a fourteen year old tell you that you have "all the time in the world, or at least another 50-60 years." Balance in all things.
Breathe, learn, let the new in and have a good week :) 

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