Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet here today in my little corner of the Fort but it feels like autumn is in the air. There's just a bit more bite to the chill this morning that I rather enjoy. Hopefully the cooler temperatures will continue to help with the firefighting efforts.
So what did we do this past week? Serra is doing great with band, even with it being online and thankfully her knee is improving. It's still going to take some time and patience on her part. Her classes are still not enough because it's all material that she has learned before but she is enjoying getting to work on her sculptures while class is going. 
As for all things craft, I am finishing the pieces that I was planning for my Autumn collection. Not near as many as I wanted to have but considering how much I'm enjoying them I'll just keep making more. They will be up this week. I also have not one but two covers to share!
Serra and I went out and about yesterday and I found myself at Joann's. My Guiding Star ornament was included on the cover of Just CrossStitch's 2020 Christmas issue that is out now. I used four colors of silk floss from Treenway Silks for it including one of their 65 Roses collection colors. A portion of every 65 Roses sale is donated to Angela's Angels for cystic fibrosis research.
Then come to find out that my scarf from the Cheerful Scarf and Mitts set is on the cover for the KnitCrate booklet for September! It uses a soft squishy alpaca blend. They are running an amazing deal for new members right now and signing up before the end of the month scores you the September crate.
Even with all of the changes going on here lately I'm still trying to find time to weave.
This warp was meant for Max but I want to make some adjustments to the dye process I used so Rapunzel gets it instead. Riding the Waves feels so appropriate with the state of the word right now. 2020 has been a roller coaster of change, even more so now with the passing of RBG. I am not a political person. I don't share my viewpoints and very rarely ever discuss the subject even with my closest friends but I have to say something here and now with this. If you are a woman and value your independence, freedom to support yourself and ability to make your own life choices, vote. If you are a man who values and respects your mother who gave you life, to whom you owe your existence to or your wife that sacrificed her body to give you children, vote. If you are a member of a minority be it based on color or gender identity or sexuality and don't want to go back to hiding, vote. It is terrifying to consider losing seventy years of progress but that is where we are right here, right now. My daughters should not have to fear being who they are or the idea of being forced back into the kitchen when they are just as capable as any other person out there is. 
The coming week! I'm getting better at the work-life-craft balance that I've been so worried about. Granted I'm pulling eighteen hour days and there are still things that frustrate me but it's all part of the process and I have to remember that this is just the beginning. Take some time for you, breathe in as much peace as possible and I'll be back next week :)

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