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Quarantine entertainment and studio progress

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet morning as usual here considering the girls love getting to sleep in. This week has been beautiful from a weather point of view, cool nights, afternoon rainstorms and happy sunshine. Possibly my favorite weather. Hopefully it won't start to get too hot too soon! What trouble did we cause this last week? Along with keeping up with schoolwork and demolishing the kitchen on a regular basis Quantum Leap and Dark Matter have kept us entertained. I've also stuck my nose back in an old set of beloved books by Melanie Rawn that I first read back in high school.  Time in the studio for me has gotten projects started with Max and Rapunzel along...

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Rampant Nudity and Pro-craft-tination

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Little late with talking today as I slept in but considering Sunday is the only day that happens and I normally get up at 4, 7:30 isn't the end of the world. Maybe I'll just blame it on the cooler temperatures and a new fluffy throw pillow. Amanda is sleeping off a 14 hour day of Marching Band yesterday and Serra is recovering from ingrown toenail surgery so I see the morning being quiet. Lots of finishing was happening this week and all four of my regular looms are naked. Yes people rampant nudity is happening here. I'm being silly, when you put a project on a loom it is called "dressing the loom"...

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