Even experienced artists make mistakes

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Things are a little grey here in my corner of the Fort but that's nothing compared to the wacky weather day we had last Monday! A very weird snow storm came through lasting about 30 minutes and plastered the western side of everything. The movement of the storm seen in the sky afterward pretty much sums up the Colorado phrase of "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." I took these photos right after each other standing in the same spot.
to the eastto the west
The left is facing east, the right facing west. Since then it's been quiet but the last few years March and April have been the wettest months.
On to craft! Last night I finished plying the yarn for the Spin Off Fall 2020 issue. Next for it is getting washed and the pattern created and made. Good thing I have the concept already planned in my head because it's due mid March.
Max is finally tied on.
Tied on
I was waiting for some Texsolv cord from The Woolery as I set up the front beam similar to my other three looms. As I was throwing the waste yarn to spread the warp I noticed an error. I thought that my threading was correct and found that I forgotten a thread on shaft 1. So how did I fix this? I made a replacement heddle and tied it to shaft 1, cut a new length of thread in the correct color and wound it on a tama to weight it. The other end came through in the correct spot, through the heddle and reed, yes one of my dents now has three threads oh well and threaded it through the waste yarn to be able to tie it in.
Sometimes it's very helpful to be mulitcraftual! This is a tatting needle. They are sold in various sizes and are available at Tatting Corner. I tried needle tatting several years ago and it didn't click but I kept the needles to use with other things. The tama is also another effect of being mulitcraftual as it is used to hold and weight the threads for Kumihimo or Japanese braiding and supplies can be found here. Hopefully I get some time with Max this week to get this silk wrap going.
This week will be more of the same from a craft standpoint along with Science Olympiad regionals for Serra on Saturday. Thankfully some of my crafts are portable and I will probably be crocheting while she's using her big brain skills. As for other things this week has been about learning and living my own truth. Feeling all of the emotions and not overthinking them. It feels good and I hope that others are living their truth as well. Breathe deep and smile big this week :)

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