Last Sunday of the Decade

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The last Sunday of the year and the decade. Been trying to remember New Year's 2009 and I imagine that it was spent watching two young girls doing everything in their power to stay awake till midnight. This time around I'm guessing they're going to be laughing at me trying to do the same!
What craft news do I have to share with you? I know that everyone is in the holiday hangovers right now but in a way I get to keep Christmas going for a few more weeks. I'm working on an Ornament for the Just Cross Stitch Christmas 2020 issue. You won't get to see that one until October but I do have a design in the current issue, Rose Mandala. Susan of Treenway Silks has been amazing in suppling glorious silk to stitch these designs.
More classes are scheduled with The Loopy Ewe. Any crafter I know has been working their fingers off before the holidays to finish gifts that probably should have been started in June. Now it's time to do something for you by taking a class!
I'm almost done with the sample for the Colorwork Mitts class in April
colorwork mitts
Lots of colorwork this time around but I'm available to schedule lessons on other techniques as well.
As for our holiday week, we had games and fun for Eve and lots of cozy gifts for Christmas along with the Doctor Who takeover.
I think the most enjoyed gift so far has been the giant mug bowls from Personal Creations. They've held everything from tea to chili in the last three days. Daddy had to go home Friday and we had quite the unexpected little snowstorm on Saturday. As for me I recovered from some blues to come down with a case of the sniffles. I know it's not bad because I feel more like a cranky toddler than really sick. 
What do we have on tap next week? Star Wars movie, more Doctor Who, and New Year's Day traditions along with some rest to prepare for the next decade! :)

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