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Last Sunday of the Decade

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The last Sunday of the year and the decade. Been trying to remember New Year's 2009 and I imagine that it was spent watching two young girls doing everything in their power to stay awake till midnight. This time around I'm guessing they're going to be laughing at me trying to do the same! What craft news do I have to share with you? I know that everyone is in the holiday hangovers right now but in a way I get to keep Christmas going for a few more weeks. I'm working on an Ornament for the Just Cross Stitch Christmas 2020 issue. You won't get to see that one until October but I do...

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Music and new colors

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! My little corner of the Fort is quiet this morning with the girls still abed and even me sleeping in. I guess when sleep is short and rough throughout the week I make up for it on the weekends. What did we do with our first week of December? It was busy on the music front for Serra with her holiday concert and performing at the Timnath Tree Lighting Festival Friday evening. This was our first time attending one and it was fun to get out and do something new.  On the craft front I've been weaving. Rapunzel and I finally got the fine silk detangled, tied on and started. These are going to be...

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