Mother Nature and step three

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Not NEARLY as snowy of a morning as I was expecting to wake up to and I have to admit I'm disappointed right now. Forecasters were going nuts over this storm last week and there's barely a dusting on my car. Two jobs you'll always get paid for no matter how often you're wrong: weather forecasting and politics. On to the week that was, the week that should have been and the week that will be.
This past week was a complete roller coaster of emotion. There was a really good day where my emotions were soaring high, a day that I need to remember when things don't look that great. Then there was Friday. Everyone started looking at the weather and this storm with its expected snowfall and extreme temperatures. Why was everyone so on edge about it? State Marching Band Championships at Air Force Stadium on October 28 & 29. The decision came down Friday from the Colorado Bandmasters Association to cancel the 4A and 5A events as the weather would be just too extreme. I understand and respect the decision but man it's hard when you have a senior and you know how hard they have worked on this show. Saving grace for our Fossil kids was the fact that they had a football game to perform at Friday night.
Fossil ridgeThe Fountain
I'm terrible at taking photos during the show because I love to watch it so much. I got to be the proud band mom and shed a few tears with the kid after the show. So this week instead of wearing my new snow boots and packing blankets and sleeping bags into Air Force Stadium to watch the championships I'm trying to figure out what to do with the extra time. 
If you have stuck with me this long it's time for some craft! The third step in the Watercolor Tapestry is stitching. I worked a rolled hem on the top and bottom raw edges and created a tube to hold the dowel rods for hanging.
Next I searched for photos of real butterflies to follow. Using a light board I traced the outline and defining lines onto the fabric. I have a massive collection of various sizes of silk that I compared to the photos and filled in the shapes using different embroidery stitches. 
And there you go! Each of them also has a hand braided Kumihimo cord for hanging. The pieces are coming down tomorrow but I'm hoping to hang a few of them at the Blue Moose this week. Right now I'm looking for a new source to create another series of them as I was given some great feedback about doing a better job of putting planning and intent into the pieces.
So what did I learn about myself this week? That I'm a control freak that needs to learn to let go. The only person and reactions I can control are my own and even though from my point of view something looks bonkers it might not be the case. I have to place my focus and intent on creating the future and make the choices to get me there. Looking outside I don't think we'll get the snow days I was hoping for. I'll share some good news I got this week next time! Have a great week :)

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