Endings and beginnings

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's cool and overcast in my little corner of the Fort so far today, a blessing considering that I'm not ready for the heat of summer yet. Things are getting green and the complex is getting a new look as they will be painting our building next week as part of the continuing recovery from last summer's hailstorm.
This last week in craft I finished both the Handwoven piece and the Knitcrate box pieces. Those will get blocked, written up and sent out on Tuesday as the mail gets the holiday tomorrow. My next self publish pattern is written and is currently also in the blocking pile. It uses two skeins of Juliespins. You can find the 100% SW Merino lacweight at her Etsy site or at one of my LYS The Loopy Ewe.
As for the girls and I this past week had it's ups and downs. Yesterday was to be Amanda's graduation ceremony. We still celebrated in our own way with homemade croissants and by listening to President Obama's speech that was live last week.
The two things she wanted most her Senior year, State Marching Band Championships and Graduation didn't happen. The district is planning a grads only ceremony later this summer along with a live stream that I'm extremely grateful for. I hope that restrictions in our area continue to lift so that Serra and I can be there for her. One thing she decidedly has learned the last few months is resilency, if she can survive this she can do anything.
Where Amanda's journey in High School ends Serra's is just beginning. I know many of you are saying "School doesn't start until August, what are you talking about?" Marching Band of course! Joining the current 5A State Champs is serious business and they get started early. The spring mini camps have gone virtual and Serra is lucky in having a ringer in her corner to help her learn the basics.
With the world in such a fluid state right now we have been looking at the positive things that could come of unexpected events. If Amanda's first college semester ends up being online, she'll get to support her sister and I'll have a buddy in the stands.
As for me, it's been a rough one this week but just like Amanda I'll bounce back. With all of the success that Etsy has had recently I'm going to reopen the storefront there as well in an effort to generate more interest. We also have some projects to dive into around here with the usual cleanup and sort out that happens after the end of school. Take care, keep breathing and I'll see you next week :)

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