Quarantine entertainment and studio progress

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet morning as usual here considering the girls love getting to sleep in. This week has been beautiful from a weather point of view, cool nights, afternoon rainstorms and happy sunshine. Possibly my favorite weather. Hopefully it won't start to get too hot too soon!
What trouble did we cause this last week? Along with keeping up with schoolwork and demolishing the kitchen on a regular basis Quantum Leap and Dark Matter have kept us entertained. I've also stuck my nose back in an old set of beloved books by Melanie Rawn that I first read back in high school. 
Time in the studio for me has gotten projects started with Max and Rapunzel along with putting on an audiobook to keep me company.
graduated silk
16 levers are a lot to change back and forth for each pick but I absolutely love the complex patterns that it creates.
Rapunzel is working on pocket squares.
Blue snowflakes
Black Snowflakes
I believe there is enough warp on here for at least six possibly seven pocket silks. Twills are one of my favorite weave structures and I would love to adapt this eight harness pattern to a sixteen for Max.
Submissions were sent off this week to both PieceWork and Just CrossStitch so fingers crossed for a couple more published pieces next year and I plan on finally jumping into the knitting tech editing course that I signed up for many years ago. At the time I enrolled I wanted to take the course to be able to improve my own patterns and create a consistent style. Now along with that I hope to be able to help other knitters do the same without losing their creative voice.
As for me this week...I'm learning to ride the waves and it's quite possible that is what we're supposed to do with this slow down. Letting go of two tools, control of events and problem solving, is quite a process for one that overthinks and analyzes almost everything. Even though emotions have been all over the place this week, right now, I'm happy.
Goals for this week! Lesson one of tech editing, finish weaving the pocket squares and make more progress on my next knitting pattern. Fingers crossed Amanda's new glasses arrive. Find some alone time to breathe in the peace and quiet and have a great week :)

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