Rampant Nudity and Pro-craft-tination

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! Little late with talking today as I slept in but considering Sunday is the only day that happens and I normally get up at 4, 7:30 isn't the end of the world. Maybe I'll just blame it on the cooler temperatures and a new fluffy throw pillow. Amanda is sleeping off a 14 hour day of Marching Band yesterday and Serra is recovering from ingrown toenail surgery so I see the morning being quiet.
Lots of finishing was happening this week and all four of my regular looms are naked. Yes people rampant nudity is happening here. I'm being silly, when you put a project on a loom it is called "dressing the loom" so of course if they don't have a project, they're naked. This is the first time that all four have been in this state at the same time and yes it includes Max with the 60/2 red and black silk that has been on him for far too long. What does this mean? I have projects to think up and prepare for! Flynn has a hand dyed tencel warp that will probably happen first. Thinking more fine silk for Rapunzel and fine tencel for Susan. Max will get some 20/2 silk in some rainbow shades and I'm going to pull out my Mirrix for the first time as well. I have some ideas on some small projects and have yet to try out my tapestry loom.
One thing I haven't been doing is work on my Tarot pieces for the show at Wolverine Farm. They are off the loom and hemmed but still waiting for more. Trouble is, I'm afraid of messing them up. I'm sure some of you are saying, "It's art, how can you mess it up?" Yes it is art, but I'm also trying to live up to what I see in my head for them. I'm also told on occasion that I'm too hard on myself and that they will be great. Just nervous that they won't be as good as I want them to be. However if you are in the NOCO area and would like to see these pieces in person they will be on display at Wolverine Farm for the month of October and there is an artist reception and party on Friday October 4th from 6-8 pm where all 30+ artists will be there to tell you about their projects. 
Guess that tells you what I'll be doing this week, a lot of stitching! Along with continuing the 20+ year tradition of Mets-Rockies. My Sox are out of the playoffs but with some hard work it's possible that the Cubs and Mets can play October baseball. Have a great week and don't forget to dream big!! :)

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